Well Jim Beam is really a type of alcohol, but my friends and I using are stoner techniques created Jim Beam the Bong. Jim Beam is the best home made bong we have created. Jim Beam will knock you on ur ass.
I think it is time to pull out the vetren bong "JIM BEAM."
by sToNeD January 12, 2005
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Genuine Kentucky bourbon.
Do you want a Tom Collins? No, I'll have a Beam and Coke, thanks.
by chris September 22, 2003
An evil Kentucky concoction that ought to come with bail money attached to the bottle.
"I got loaded on Jim Beam and ended up in the Harlin County Jail for the weekend."
by serpent July 15, 2004
A type of alcohol, to be technical a brand of burbon. Jim Beam's best friends are Sam Adams, Jose Cuervo, Jack Daniels, and Captain Morgan.
When My cousin drinks Jim Beam, he gets mean.
by Steve June 10, 2005
An unpopular but ubiquitous bourbon whiskey that tastes like cough syrup. It's kinda good, it just lacks x-factor.
Your grandma snuck through the liquor store till some Jim Beam caught her eye.
by nothingsnecessary November 01, 2012
A cute little bottle of genuine kentucky bourbon that is occasionally on sale for 8.99 a bottle.
Friend1: I got a 5th of Jim Beam, lets get wasted and fuck each other up the butt!
Friend2: Uh...
by mashfaysh October 17, 2007
an alcoholic beverage
i had some jim beam and coke last night
by Jett September 21, 2003
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