Female masturbation.
Every time I masturbate it's the kittens I am thinking of.
by nilpferd July 19, 2003
Top Definition
The sensation of jamming, (to music, or anything) while chilling. Mostly done at home.
Did you see Tommy today? He was totally jillin out at his house!
by BrodoSwaggins October 03, 2011
Masturbation- female specific.
Evey time you go jackin' or jillin', God kills a kitten.
Think of the kittens.
by j e walker April 28, 2003
To smoke marijuana
Influenced by the Sublime version of 54 46 What's my Number
We were chillin' and jillin' all night.
by Roaster Dro September 27, 2010
slang often used in the UK to express relaxation, Especially when on Drugs
"Dude is he dying?"
"No he's Jillin Like a Mofo!"
by Zach!!! July 11, 2008
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