Australian slang for apple pie
IE: get a load of this Jiggery Pokery up ya! its grouse!


Here, try this apple pie. I'm sure you will find its most delicious.
by fucknuckle July 15, 2006
Top Definition
n. Pure applesauce.
Sassafras! I won't stand for this jiggery pokery.
by dirodaman July 13, 2015
A foul wizard swear in the wizard world. Banned by Mr. Albus Dumbledore.
"We're learning wizard swears like Jiggery Pokery!"

"Noooo, my grandma told me not to use such foul magical language!"
by Xioneville February 11, 2010
this describes that which is difficult to describe, a term meaning a piece of machinery which has no place in this world
i tried to configure that SSL jiggerypokery and the fucker was buggered
by dave williams September 22, 2004
giving your girlfriends best mate a good rogering behind her back
oh dear shelly,your boyfriends been doing a fair bit of jiggery pokery
by Ahron February 17, 2005
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