A jigger is a unit of measurment when dealing with alcohol. One jigger is 1 1/2 oz, the ammount of alcohol in most highballs as well as the size of a shot.
Bartender 1 picks up jigger to measure
Bartender 2: Amature, pros dont need jiggers.
by Fase March 14, 2005
In addition to 6. Jigger, indeed this is an alleyway in Liverpudlian (Scouce). The example below was heard on a bus to Liverpool from two "judies" who were talking.
"Whatya do lass Satdy nite?"

"We went down a jigger fir a kneetrembler, like"
by Manxie April 09, 2007
A girocheque received from the British government, esp. one used to pay Unemployment Benefit (also Dolecheque, see Dole)
"I haven't got your dough this week, my jigger's late."
by Charlie O'Kane November 18, 2003
a black jew that is a ledgend in Rockland County
person 1:have you seen Jigger?
person 2 : No
person 1 : then your day is not complete
by bob_dole December 09, 2008
A penis. Usually used when referring to a prepubescent penis.
Little Jimmy was a retarted boy so he often got his jigger caught in his zipper when he took a piss.
by danmk November 05, 2006
A word meaning a back alley or entry.
"There's a smackhead in the jigger."
by Les Bubb August 22, 2004
1) A Giocheque received from the British government, esp. as payment of Unemployment Benefit.
2) A small, narrow alleyway between houses
Sense 1)"Arr eh laa, I 'aven't got yer dough dis week kidda, me jigger's late!"

Sese 2)"Deez plods wuz chasin us, so we run down de jigger and inter dis fella's back gaaarden"
by Charlie O'Kane November 17, 2003
Having the esscence of a JIG.
Look at that JIGGER. He's just like Javi with all that butt fucking.
by Matt Lynn Dunn June 18, 2003
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