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The funniest sounding racial slur known to man. Used mainly by whites to disparage black people.
"You ain't nothin' but a jigaboo, boy. Now shine them shoes!"
by Penguinjockey December 18, 2006
5725 1339
dirty and crazy yet crack infested, commonly related to negroes
Redneck 1: My God, did u see that man wearing a trash bag?!

Redneck 2: Yea, its migration season for the jigaboos.
by unreal July 21, 2005
3037 1838
The term jigaboo (jiggaboo, jigga, etc) refers to a person or persons of the black color (african-american, negro, etc) living in or around small, often abadoned in appearance housing in which crack cocaine, whores and in nicer areas, chicken and rice is sold.
That damn jigaboo just stole my trash can;
where's the police when you need em?
by DeanerBeaner November 24, 2006
2128 1274
An African-American who:Sits on someone elses stoop all day,drinks 40oz constantly,trades food stamps for crack,stares at the neighbor's kids.
Steals neighbors:Car,stereo,wife,rims,fried chicken,children,phone,food stamps or wallet.
That jigaboo down your block.
by Bobby Miller123 March 27, 2008
1364 811
The proper, polite term for a guy of color.

A person who stands on a street corner yelling "sheee-it!" and "mo fo!" and "gimme some skee-in!"

A person well-versed in the fine art of shuckin' an' jivin'.

A spade cat. A dinge. A stove lid. An Ace Boon Coon. A soul brother. A shine.
Here come Cleon out o dat pool hall wif Taleesha. Sheee-it, man, dat Jigaboo sho know how to pick up de fine ladies, yassuh.
by Cap'n Bullmoose September 24, 2007
1362 955
A Nigger
Example 1: Hey look at that jigaboo sitting on the porch eating watermelon.

Example 2: Hey look at that jigaboo robbing the bank.

Example 3: Only jigaboos play basketball.
by Jamalniggs July 17, 2009
560 400
jigaboo is directed towards black people f.y.i. you were thinking of wigger.
hey look at that jigaboo's ashy ass elbows
by magnanomorph influenza August 22, 2005
690 556