-A mediocre brand of peanut butter
-Short form for Jeff
The native called me "jif" cause he was too high on gas to say "Jeff"
by NativeJif June 16, 2004
Top Definition
idiot in UK like slang
a dumb person
"shut up you jif"
"ricky your such a jif"
#jif #idiot #dumb person #ricky seidel #british slang
by bobby seidel February 04, 2009
Short for "in a jiffy", which basically means "a short period of time". It can be used sarcastically as well

"Jiffy" is also used as a sci/tech term, commonly for 0.01 seconds, or sometimes 1 tick of a computer's clock.
"I'll get to it in a jif." (This means after I get done with the football game, hon)
by Midwest_Expatriate May 03, 2005
Acronym for "Jesus is Fag"
Man, i hate the bible, J.I.F.
#satan #swag #jif #whipped cheddar #type nice #ass clown #dick bag #swag again
by Craig1 July 25, 2015
Verb: To Bust a nut cum, spooge, finish, ejaculate.
Noun: Semen, cum, white gold, man juice.
Adjective: to define sexual stability.
That girl's got mad jif! She should give me a becky and i'll jif my super jif all over her face!
#cum #seman #dtf #fucking #sex
by thebrowns0n December 05, 2010
A person who is really smart and ambitious but surrounds themselves with idiotic selfish friends who inhibit that person from achieving great things and dont have lives of their own so they feed off everything that person does.
Man that girl is such a jif the way she lets her friends run her life into the ground, she can do anything she wants but not with those idiots around.
#friends #idiots #group #morons #life
by bubbles500 May 16, 2011
To pass gas; to emit flatulence.
"Don't come over here, I jiffed."
by Honkylips September 20, 2005
Acronym for "Jeans in fanny"; slang from London area, especially. See camel toes.
Crikey, those bloody jeans don't fit her at all! JIF!
#camel toes #buffalo knuckles #j.i.f. #jiff #gunt
by KO'H July 19, 2006
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