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A Jibbly is a penis that moves of its own accord, both when erect and unerect, and when removed for whatever reason grows back, occasionaly when grown back it grows back smaller than the time before.
man i sure am glad i have a jibbly, was getting a blowjob last night while frying some bacon, bit of fat splashed on her and she bit hard! luckily it grew back full size
by The Cnadyman April 17, 2011
Skanky drunk girls walking in groups chatting and yelling at an obnoxiously high frequency while smelling of nasty perfume. The urge to quickly pass on a sidewalk is natural.
*a parade of sorority jibblies pass*

(cough, JIBBLIES, JIBBLIES, cough!) oh god, the perfume, the high-pitch bird like yelps, where did they all come from....ahh the sorority!!!


This peaceful night was interrupted by the clamorousness of the jibblies passing.
by Lotusflwr21 December 25, 2009
A sudden feeling of horror or dread. (synonyms: creeps, goose bumps)
Thinking of a hairy man in a thong bikini gives me the jibblies.
by Ivany August 22, 2003
N-a feeling of fear, surprise, or shock, in which the victim shivers and shakes for part of a second.
Watching "The Ring" gave me the jibblies.
by matt-in-pa January 26, 2004
like the heebie-jeebies
"Thinking about Homestar are Marzipan give me the jibblies"
by Anonymous August 21, 2003
to have the jibblies
"iiir he give me the jibblies"
by The__Cheat February 21, 2003
To be totally disturbed by a groth on WWE "Diva" Jillian's face to the point where you think you might hurl
Jillian gives me the Jibblies
by Trish_in_the_t_dot August 19, 2005