Means talking shit. And a person who does 'jib' is known as a jibber
Stop Jibbing you jabroni.
by Word of the devil July 11, 2011
Top Definition
A snowboarding style refering to the use of rails, tables, trees, etc. as obstacles.
I was doing some jibbing in the park until I ate it on the "C" rail.
by hardline_42 February 04, 2004
handrails, rails, tables, as objects to slide across on your snowboard/snowskate
"Let's go jib a session on that handrail"
by J.Pugh February 25, 2005
Using man-made elements such as rails, ledges, stairs, benches, and banks as obstacles in a sport normally performed in a natural setting, such as snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, snowskating, or skiboarding.

Wakeboarders and wakeskaters sometimes use elements such as pipes, low docks, and tables as obstacles. This is also referred to jibbing.
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Ladies and gentlemen, jibbing.
by Albert R. September 12, 2008
Buggery with a difference:

Normally done whilst buggering a young lady (typically one who rides side-saddle).

The young lady ingests a piece of ham or bacon tied to a fine thread, which the man holds whilst buggering her.

As the man is nearing ejaculation he pulls the thread, along with the attached piece of meat, which causes the woman to heave (convulse).

A side effect of the heaving is for the sphincter to contract violently around the man's penis, thus hightening sensations and giving a more powerful ejaculation.
"Damn it Daphney, that's the last of the bacon. We'll have to use the honey roast ham for our jibbing session this evening..."
by Esteban Lorenzo February 06, 2004
This terms was used in snowboarding when riders ride on man made objects. Today, it is being used to desribe a certain style of mountain biking, where mountain bike hardtails with front suspension are often used to ride on stairs and benches and skate parks. For more info watch the movie Jibb. Some people want to call it urban mountain biking but the problem with this is that there are no mountains.
I go jibbing in the skatepark and do some stalls.
by T*bull February 27, 2006
Upon discovering a girl is in floods of tears (probably after being dumped:

"Oi, why the fuck are you jibbing?"

If somebody appears to be getting upset:

"Calm down mate, don't jib!"
by Jimbo_flipsquad April 12, 2008

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