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Puerto Rican country dwellers that are proud of their life of independance and contemplation and closeness to nature. Jibaros are usually mocked for their unsophisticated customs and peculiar dialect.
He doesn't like it when people call him a jibaro.
by SkiTtLe August 20, 2006
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A Puerto Rican Hill Billy. Can also be used as term of endearment. A person proud of his Puerto Rican heritage.
El Jibaro ese is still wearing sandals with his white tube socks and a PR flag T-shirt.

I am proud to be a Jibaro, a country boy from the PR. A Jibaro can survive.

Oye Jibaro que pasa?
by Jibaro September 27, 2005
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Personas que vienen del campo de Puerto Rico, mayormente del centro de la isla, son, la mayoria decendientes de españoles andaluces o canarios. Tienen un peculiar acento que proviene de la mezcla andaluza, canaria e incluso gitana, y son personas humildes. Trabajan en la tierra y ganadería.

Jibaros- Grupo de indigenas de Panamá, son los que practican el achicamiento de cabezas ya sea de personas o de animales.
Me gusta el acento jibaro.

Mira! ahi es donde siembra café el jibaro.

Los jibaros de panamá mataron a un caucasico americáno para obtener su cabeza.
by julax March 22, 2009
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A Puerto Rican term for a country-ass hick with no understanding of how things are in the modern world.
Oye, el vicks no cura los dolores de estomago ni la diarrea, canto de jibaro.
Dude, vicks doesn't cure stomach aches or diarrhea you friggin country-ass hick.
by Otoniel January 07, 2005
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