A jib is a simplified version of an existing art style. Something you can draw quickly and in many forms without reference.

When coloring a jib it is unnecessary for light and shadow to be incorporated. Could be like a chibi style.
1) I love your jib style it is so cute!
2) I think I'll just draw this in my jib style, I'm feeling lazy.
3) I drew this jib today.
by Lira overland May 30, 2016
Referring to one's crooked and/or chipped teeth that have excessive plaque build-up and/or look as if they are brushed with butter.
Yo, did you see that girl's jibs!?
by Dig'Em Sixstringslave November 08, 2009
(Verb). To shamefully avoid an event, person or activity for reasons unknown to all but the person in question.
Person 1: Dude, did you nail her last night??
Person 2: Nah, she didn't want it
Person 1: You, sir, are a complete jib
by Alan Ham-Ham August 21, 2013
the type of guy that's cocky rude and disliked by females,
there usally players and or manwhores..
stupid jib(s) ..
by caaaandria368 September 09, 2009
The smaller of two sails on a boat.
I pulled the jib sail close to the mast as we turned towards the wind
by Nik February 07, 2004
A word that can replace any verb and you will still know exactly what the person is saying. Can be used as Jibbed, Jibbing, and of course Jib.
Man: Dude what the Jib are you doing? Did you seriously Jib your sister for 2 years in High School for practice?

Other man: Yea, it wuh me, I'm a sister jibber. I wanted to jib everyone but I was too embarassed.
by Jibinit April 16, 2011
a marijuana ciggarette, joint, spleef,
they where smokin a jib, and passing it to the left
by pretty ricky December 13, 2003
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