To actively tickle the meat between someones ribs. Jibbing is very similar to the funnybone but instead of hurting it often leads to a recipient wetting themselves.
Come up behind someone and jab your fingers in between their ribs and move about quickly. At this time you are actively jibbing. They will try to run or drop to the ground but don't you let them.
by Junior Puma May 12, 2010
Smokin home made gravity bongs made out of a water or Gatorade bottle and a pitcher of water.
Lets go smoke some jibs in the garage Hox
by Charlie Bartlett May 18, 2014
jaws,jaw,mouth and/or using any one of them excessively.
"I met this chick at a party last night that I thought was hot,but all she wanted to do was run her jibs about her ex-boyfriend,I was SO not into that."
by Hybridbird March 02, 2005
A jib is a jailbait, in layman's terms.
Friend 1: Damn, look at her! She's tiiiidy!
Friend 2: Naaah! She's a total jib.
by Milky0ne January 18, 2013
A Canadian slang word for methamphetamine which became highly popular in Southern Ontario.
Person 1 "Yo, you want some jib?"

Person 2 "Sorry, I don't do that stuff."
by mapleraver November 07, 2013
To jib into a football ground is to get in without paying. There are numerous ways to do it, go in straight behind someone else, jump the turnstiles etc.
"Alright mate, mind if I go in behind you? Lost my ticket.."

"Fuck off you jibbing cunt"
by iagz September 04, 2007
A rail or Box used to preform tricks on by snowboarders
Did you see me slide that jib?
Check out that kinked jib.
by Duke Lucifur June 09, 2006
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