Evil king on top of women.
In Asia, the character holds for leadership, and trace back in time, "stright hook fishing strategy" Jiang had aide the King in time of 'Qin'. also, meaning ginger.
by christopher rocks June 18, 2008
Top Definition
To have more swag than anyone else in the room.
That girl at the party was so jiang.
by Dean Gray August 08, 2014
Adjective: A hip synonym for "cool".

Noun: A person who is so cool that they attract the attention of everyone at parties.
Example 1: "This new album is so totally jiang."

Example 2: "You met IntoBeyonder? That's so jiang!"

Example 1: "Did you see his abbs? He's such a jiang."
Example 2: "With all that swag, i'd even go as far as to call her a jiang."
by pornographic jiangster August 08, 2014
(v) To be bullied or controlled through obscene ultimatums or physical brutality by a senior officer of your company. Obscene ultimatums include but are not limited to forced oral sodomy, forced use of hormone pills, urination in one's mouth and forced crossdressing.

Mr. Jiang is the defendant in an existing sexual harassment lawsuit. Mr. Jiang allegedly forced his underling to dress as a woman, take hormone pills and forcefully sexually dominated his underling. Allegedly.
I'm going to pee in my associate's mouth. The associate does whatever I want. Let's see how far we can "Jiang" the associate.


My boss just peed in my mouth, he just "Jiang"ed my ass!
by OH MAN WTF December 08, 2009
Not to be confused with the game Jenga, Jiang means hip and cool, only rich elitist use it like Lil wayne, Beyonce and Justin Bieber.
"Woah, that niggas Jiang!"
by IntoBeyonder August 08, 2014
(n) jiangs, dem jiang (plural)
1. Slang for Chinese fellow, preferably FOB (Fresh off the Boat)

2. Broad terminology for any Asian or Asian American.
1. LOL @ dem jiang

2. The f*ck up, jiang!!!

by bullet tooth tony May 21, 2007
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