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"Just fucking works". An acronym which refers to software that compiles and/or functions as desired without modification, tweaking, excessive reading of documentation, error message research in a search engine, etc.
I wanted to install qmail the other day, and I was amazed to find that it JFW!
by Albin Pahernik December 01, 2003
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"Just fucking wow." An expression of disbelief over something truly amazing, astounding, or mind-bogglingly stupid.
"Did you see how much taxpayer money the Obamas are spending on their Martha's Vineyard -- while even the rich gomers that live there are hurting in this economy? JFW."
by ak4mc August 25, 2011
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"Just fucking work." Often heard uttered in the late afternoon by frustrated software developers.
I've been trying to get this notification feature working for a week now. JFW already you bastard, damn.
by Sky Commander Winkie August 16, 2012
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Johnson From Wisconsin. It is a nickname used by anybody whose first name is Johnson, since Wisconsin is essentially the only word that rhymes with Johnson. This nickname may be used by somebody named Johnson regardless of whether or not they originated or have ever been to Wisconsin. This nickname was coined by the original JFW (me) in Los Angeles, where he currently resides.
Have you heard of JFW? I heard he's one bad ass mofo.
JFW is on my buddy list.
by Johnson From Wisconsin May 08, 2006
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