A Jewish douchebag - (pronounced joosh-bag)
My father didn't give me anything for my barmitzvah.... he's such a Jewshbag
by Long Island Stew January 29, 2008
Top Definition
A jewish person who is a real douchebag
Dave is a real jewshbag
by 405Stinky May 02, 2005
A person who practices Judaism and that acts like a douche bag.
Harvey Goldstein is a real jewshbag for giving us homework over the weekend!
by ATrain9 August 05, 2008
A person that is both a Jew bagle and a FUCKIN Douchebag
-Damn that guy is a Fuckin Jewshbag!!!!

-Ya fuck that guy!!
by DPR-DG4L December 07, 2009
a compound word usually used to insult someone by calling them a jew and a douchebag at the same time
Dude those stoners at the park were bein fuckn dumbass jewshbags when the police showed up.
by RapistTheClown October 08, 2009
1. a Jewish douche bag

2. someone who is being a douche bag because they stole and or wont lend you some money

1.wow Rabbi Hejmanoski don't be a jewsh bag

2. dude i just need 32 cents. dont be a jewsh bag
by CLubPwn November 09, 2008
a jewish douche bag . Primarily referring to that uncle and/or any other family member who berates you for being a young modern jew in today's world, usually this person is a hypocrite and is downright obnoxious. the yenta for te modern male jew.
"Man, have you met Misha's uncle?"
"Yeah, dude, he's such a jewsh bag"
by Jack Silverberg November 10, 2007
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