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A coupon that doesn't save much of anything, and is only worth the time of a stingy person, or jew, to cut it out of the newspaper
Gregory: "look at this jewpon, Mr.Silversteinbergman! Buy three get $.10 off 1 gallon Kosher pickles!"

Mr.S: "By Bartholomew's yamaka! Snip away!"
by papa moyer May 14, 2010
(N.)Mutation of the word coupon. Goes along with the stereotype that jewish persons are cheap or will go to great lengths to save money.
Which brand of detergent do you have that jewpon for? I want to save 75 cents so I can get a candy bar.
by moogie January 02, 2005
A jewish youth, usually male, who collects coupons for food and the like to save money for him and his friends. Often, a jewpons will organize the ordering of food for a group of friends, sometimes skimming enough profits that his meal is free.
"Jewpons, order us some Taco Bell."
by Flandaddy2 November 21, 2009
a variation of the word coupon, used for one that doesn't really save you any money. it implies that the coupon was made by a Jew, who, stereotypically, is very stingy/cheep .
Mark: Hey check out this coupon! Three sandwiches for $9!
John: Dude, those are $3 each anyways.
Mark: What a rip-off! This is such a jewpon.
by nikki-nikki August 17, 2009
Merging of Jew and Coupon. A Non Derogatory term.

When someone tries to get a discount at a store on a NON SALE item or claims they left their LEGITIMATE coupon at home for a discount at a restaurant or store.
Steve: Sir, do you think its possible that I can get 20% off this TV?

Salesman: But this TV isn't on sale

Steve: Yeah, I know..but....

Salesman: Sorry sir, We don't accept JEWPONS here !
by Tallgoalie July 14, 2010
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