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a massive facial given by a circumcised penis
Eric gave Cassie a jewkakke last night
by anus grab November 03, 2012
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similar to the ancient japanese bukkake tradition, but with a twist. 40 circumcised jewish men are needed to fulfill the requirements, which means there will be a distinct lack of smegma.
my friends hadleigh and ross asked me to be the reciepient of a jewkakke. i had to say no because i had to return my seagull suit that night.
by crizking May 08, 2007
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When a group of Aryans surround an innocent Jew and call him antisemitic names until he cries.
Shlomo's face was still wet from the Jewkakke, with the antisemitic slurs echoing in his head. Now he would think twice about walking through an Aryan neighborhood.
by cumGun4k July 23, 2016
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The act of 8 or more jews rolling around in an inflatable pool containing large sums of money while using their left hand to perform a "super ultra happy mega chocolaty covered penis smiley tug"
Shit nigga! That was too much tuna. Ima jewkakke guitar man
by imaguytoo! March 07, 2015
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