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The byproduct of a ginger and a jew hooking up
1 ginger + 1 jew = 1 jewger child
by mackdaddyjew January 08, 2010
4 3
A Jewish person of or wanting to be of African descent. A half Jewish and half African American person.
That fucking jewger stole my penny!
by Johnny1982 August 19, 2006
21 13
half african-something else, half jewish.
"i got robbed by a jewger, and so i got insurance money, but the insurance agent was the same jewger.
by niglam April 10, 2009
4 4
A Jewish Wigger.
Damb look at all the Jewgers.
by Bubbles Clyde Fitzgerald December 12, 2010
0 1
A jewish nigger.
Wow, look at that jewger. Her lips are as big as her nose.
by mon0 July 10, 2008
7 8
Somebody who is all or part Jewish, yet at the same time they think they are black.
Mike: Sup wit'chu nigga?
James: You're Jewish.
Mike: Yo, chill out home slice!
James: Jewger!
by Knotsea September 07, 2006
10 21