A big fat rich man's cigar that's smoked by a rich Jew bastard, whilst laughing at how much money they wipe their ass with daily.
Look at that Jew with his fucking jewgar
by Helldozer January 21, 2009
Top Definition
A sub-species of cougar that can often be spotted in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.
Joan Rivers is a jewgar
by joeybootz July 19, 2008
N: A Jewish cougar. Basically she's mad Jewish.
J: Oh vey, you're as young as my son.
Y: XP? Jewgar!
by burlingtron July 14, 2012
A cougar that is Jewish, plane and simple...well, the Jewgar isn't necessarily plane and simple, just the definition.
Michelle's mom is such a Jewgar, she's either at Barcelona or San Felipe every weekend.
by TheRenner June 11, 2008
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