a person with large discusting crusty ass hair,
tyipcaly curly and nappy like a niggers hair but there white
God damn John your jew fro is fucking huge today
by JillanBill9119534 December 29, 2009
When a man who is undeniably a jew, has a bush so large on the top of his head that he looks like he be a pimp from the west side wit an afro.
"Am I your brethren now that I have a Jewfro?"
Mass shanking happens.
by HGM February 26, 2006
1) a very large afro on a white male of enromous proportions

2)a very interesting aray of pubic hair

3) a very racist site jewfro.org...it sucks balls
1) With that jewfro, he almost looks like Napoleon Dynamite...

2) His jewfro needs to be shaved every 6 weeks.

3) Jewfro is a stupid racist insesitive piece of shit.
by Mary Kathryn April 19, 2006
Curly unattractive Grimy hair you get when you don't wash your hair
Person: Ewww andrew dont get your jewfro on me
by Theetoie March 26, 2009
Usually a small tiny dicked person that girls find awkward. Loves to get hit in the balls. Really tiny dick. Like ridiculously tiny. More of a big clit really.
Kyle: You look good
Girl: You have a jewfro
Kyle: Damn
Girl: Yep
by jesus christ (the real one) June 21, 2010
Of or relating to Jews with fros.
The most popular rant site on the web that deals with the issue of racism preaching equality and understanding.
That kid has a serious jewfro on his head.
by Jesus is King May 11, 2006
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