1) To get fucked, metaphorically
2) To be talked about or disturbed
1)Nyree got cooter spit in Nick's ear... She jewed that bitch!
2)"Did you hear? Donald called Raeven a slut"
"Damn she got jewed!"
by Raeven Nyree March 22, 2008
To be slapped by a jewish person.
Oh snap, you just got jewed.
by The Funky Frog February 21, 2007
To get screwed over as the Jews did when Hitler decided to massacre them all. Meaning you are getting screwed over for no reason.
I got jewed when that girl gave me 3 drinks when I paid for five.


-Dude, I only got half of my fries.
-Yeah, you tottally got jewed.
by Jackelope January 13, 2007
1. to be completely dumped on/beaten in a contest...

2. to have acted like Jake Hess

3. To be horribly screwed over
Man, that nigga got jewed, yousse guyssse...
by JESSE JAMMONS March 13, 2005

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