When something happenes that is utterly inexplicable or just completely stupid. Or for when someone is beating you in a game that you belived that you were going to win. Something that totally just blew your mind.
Max "Dude, you cant beat me at xbox, im the king at that"

Alex beats Max at xbox

by The King JewBear November 05, 2009
when something unfortunate has happened to you.
man you got jewed over there
by millero93 November 24, 2010
To be decieved or mislead
This is a variation of the term, "jewing", based on a word a player said during a Gears of War match on xbox live. He used the term to describe how badly he was losing.
The last math test jewed me.
by Chris N. (Jedipants) April 23, 2007
when a person is put in an oven and burnt
yo man you got jewed. lol
by willis834 April 13, 2009
To be burnt in a humiliating fashion.
Hey did you see that?
Awe man he got Jewed so bad.
by Corr-man December 05, 2009
is a word used by one of my mates to describe me, I'm Jewish you see, it ain't offencive but it means that you are annoyed with the person you are calling it. it's like dick'ed but variated, you can swap the word for other things too.
sammie : oi, jew'ed?! wuu2?

me: eeewww, shut up you fucking shit'ed! fine, not up to much. just fucking yah mam!

sammie : jew'ed.
by Becki offa MySpazz July 25, 2008
Despite the rest of the posts, it simply means to negotiate for a better price.
The Salesman wanted 100 Dollars for the watched but I jewed him down to 75 Dollars.
by Blah1089 August 26, 2008
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