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Jewish martial art of throwing one's opponent to the ground and subdueing them only to steal all the money out their pockets.
I had 5 bucks when I went to my Jewdo class Tuesday night and now I'm broke! wtf?
by porprock May 02, 2007
A young Jewish adult that lives his or her life by emulating The Jersey Shore and other Italian-American stereotypes.
"Hey Schwartz, GTL after temple?"
"Sure Stein, then we can pick up some biddies at the Beachcomber," said Schwartz as he added more gel to his spiked hair.
"You guys are the defintion of jewdo," said Weiss as she teased her pouf.
by thegtlsituation March 06, 2010
type of hair style in which the back is shaved (like a buzzcut) while the front remains long (long side hair which look like sideburns)
Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco has a jew-do.
by lola ray June 24, 2006
A jewish guido. half jewish, half italian, full fist pumpin partier. Can be spotted in the gym, tanning, doing laundry,(GTL) at the beach and sometimes in temple. Hangs out with all types of people and can create a good time anywhere.
"Wow that kids a real guido.....oh wait he's just a jewdo."
"We should defiantly bring the Jewdo with us to attract some girls"
"Yoo jewdo come spot me on this last set"
by drewgotts May 10, 2010
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