a jewish slut who will hook up with anyone, but refuses to fuck
'i was so lit lastnight i hooked up with jewce

Friend: i need a hand job where the fuck is Jewce?
friend of friend: its pass over, she isnt goin out
by Mr. awesome September 12, 2004
Top Definition
the juice that jewish people drink
joseph- ive never had such an amazing drink made by our people. the Jewish people.

mary- yeah! that was one amazing glass of jewce!
by mypseudonymisasecret November 10, 2009
1. Jewish juice; especially that which is drunk by Jews on their holy days.
You want some jewce to drink?
by shippo/jeff December 11, 2004
a sub par beverage made for the unwealthy, such as kool aide, and or great value products
hey Vince let me get some of that "jewce." said Barry.
"sorry man thats my last bit til pay day," explained Vince.
by jardin propeller May 19, 2011
The term "jewce" has gone through an evolutionary journey of spellings, meanings, and phonetics. Originally spelled like the liquid "Juice", but was transformed to what we now know because of Hebrew lifestyles. The term is directed at either an individual and or group of females with easy virtues and kosher diets.
Hayden ate Jewce's box.
by big time September 12, 2004
camel cash/marlboro miles.
Dude, dude, come on, dude, jewce.
by kyle and adam November 14, 2004
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