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The round natural plumpness of a Jewish girl's breasts
Wow! Did you see that?! She has some nice jewcakes!
by nutruera May 07, 2006
Refers to the holocaust in which the nazis put the jews in their easy bake ovens, hence Jew Cake.
"Man, this tastes totally like a jew cake it has that kind of tangy hint of discrimination and mass murder. now i feel bad."
by Toastpatrol May 06, 2009
Someone who hoards points in zombies and doesn't spend them.
That guy has 23,000 points, what a jewcake.
by Inidnarnerb Leumas March 05, 2015
Invented by one Laura Roberts, an anti-Semite for the comedic value. She used it as an insult for BubTheZombie over an AIM conversation to make fun of his Jewish blood.
activeeuthanasia:"fuck you jewcake. get back in my oven."
by BubTheZombie March 25, 2005

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