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The round natural plumpness of a Jewish girl's breasts
Wow! Did you see that?! She has some nice jewcakes!
by nutruera May 07, 2006
27 7
Refers to the holocaust in which the nazis put the jews in their easy bake ovens, hence Jew Cake.
"Man, this tastes totally like a jew cake it has that kind of tangy hint of discrimination and mass murder. now i feel bad."
by Toastpatrol May 06, 2009
45 30
Invented by one Laura Roberts, an anti-Semite for the comedic value. She used it as an insult for BubTheZombie over an AIM conversation to make fun of his Jewish blood.
activeeuthanasia:"fuck you jewcake. get back in my oven."
by BubTheZombie March 25, 2005
23 24