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A jewish boob. A boob that is unfortunately attatched to a jew
Jewbs aren't circumsized, contrary to popular belief
by Not_a_jew September 09, 2006
A person who is inferior to their 1337 Owners. In counter-strike if you get a headshot off someone and they say that they had lag, or your servers registry sucks they are considered a jewb.
(Newb that got his head blown off)-wdf ur server sucks, the registry blows.
by Jordan Castro March 17, 2007
Jewish womans boobs. It comes from the joke, Q: "What do you call a Jewish womans boobs?" A: "Jewbs!" The name 'Jewbs" also inspired the naming of a jewish mans testicles, 'Jewbsticles'.
After celebrating Hanukkah, my wife and i retired to bed and i proceeded to fondle her jewbs.
by ambulance_x February 03, 2007
Someone who is new at the Jewish faith. Perhaps in reference to a Jewborn baby.
Fred: Hey look at that jewb! Isn't he cuuute!

Ted: What a jewb! He's not even worthy of wearing a yarmulke.
by Lana Banana June 08, 2005
1. junior newb
2. someone who is worse than a newb
Krush beat some total jewb today on starcraft.
by TheKrush August 14, 2006
A good looking (hot,sexy,cute) girl with nice assets.
Damn, did you see those jewbs over there.
by Tu Nextstage July 08, 2006