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When multiple jews have orgasms at the same time and all exlaim Mozel tov!
at ones bah mitzva a young (uncircumsized) man finds several horny judaen girls to have orgasms and this would be a jew-bilation!
by bilboe bagginz April 16, 2010

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The feeling a jew has whaen learning that a favorite actor/actress/celebrity is Jewish.
Joe felt jewbilation upon learning that Jack Black was a Jew.
by I didn't make this up October 25, 2007
The excitement a jew goes through when he realizes the power money has over other people.
Jake experienced jewbilation at his barmitzvah when he realized that all the money he received from his grandparent's could be used for all his petty desires.
by Collin de Wit June 04, 2007