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jewbie comes from my producer and it means ghetto as in bad, ugly, dumb
with that duct tape on your phone, it looks jewbie
by Ross March 01, 2005
3 37
A combination of a jew and a noob.
Wow that game was lame, it was too easy.

Yeah they were jewbies.
by M4GICM4KER January 21, 2008
34 22
a dubie that is rolled and blessed by a jewish rabbi.
Thanks for the jewbie rabbi john, we are about to smoke it later.
by wissdaddy1 March 28, 2011
14 4
An individual of presumed Jewish descent who lacks prowess at a video game.

Jewbie derives from the prefix Jew and the suffix bie (as in noobie).

The term has been known to be used liberally, and may not necessarily be targeted at a Jew.
Person: It looks like Shlomo's on our team.

Person 2: We're fucked; he's such a Jewbie.
by Rizzard June 02, 2009
22 12
A jewish baby.
Do you see Tim and Lindsey?

Yeah! They are just jewbies.
by shantanelaiqualatifa July 05, 2009
10 7
A person who is a Jew and is inexperienced in the art of loving women.
Dude, u are such a Jewbie.
by Blink Da Hippie May 12, 2010
3 3
Someone that is new to the Jewish faith/culture/religion.
Look at that guy, he doesn't really look Jewish.

Oh no he's just a jewbie.
by LighterOfDewbies October 29, 2011
1 2
Somone who's financial dealings can be considered like those of a Jew.
You never mentioned anything about additional charges you Jewbie!
by Kang October 05, 2004
29 33