An annoying Jewish anime fan, one who probably has only watched Adult Swim and tries to use the 3 words of Japanese they know in every possible sentance.
With his Jewfro and Naruto shirt from Hot Topic that guy is a total jewbaka
by Fiona Slennz December 12, 2005
Top Definition
1) A Jewish wookie. Normally can be seen
wearing a yamaka, and playing with a
dreidel or a Hon solo. Relative of
Chewbaka, who is actually Hindu.
Stars in the movie "Star Wars Episode
3: Revenge of the Sith". Does not eat

2) A stupid half-Jew-half-Japanese. In
the Japanese language, baka means
1) Let the jewbaka win.
Shabbat Shalom jewbaka.

2) You no good jewbaka.
You're probably the only jewbaka in
this whole world. I mean Jewish and
Japanese? Now that's rare.
by michael schacher April 20, 2005
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