A hairy Jew.
Iona Dickstein and J. Andrew Schlickman are Jewbaccas.
by ElGreatDan0 April 19, 2009
A jew with an excess amount of body hair that resmbles the great chewbacca from star wars
That Steve is such jewbacca, i can't believe that hankike picked that coin out of the urinal.
by tin knocker December 03, 2008
A jewish person with an overabundance of body hair.
Damn, he's so hairy, he could be Jewbacca!
by David Westphal January 12, 2004
Jewbacca, the bringer of lulz, the enemy of weeaboos.
"Fucking Jewbacca has won the internets, truly the Champion of all /b/."

"I hereby declare Jewbacca as Champion of all /b/ may he be an insperation for all of anonymous for all the countless ages's to come.
Jewbacca, you are truly a god among men."
by Anonymorse February 07, 2008
A rarely seen member of the infamous Vero Beach Pirates, he usualy appears suddenly and attacks with a vicious monkey hump from behind.... beware!
Crap! Jewbacca humped me again! I din't see it coming!
by legolas99 October 17, 2006
Proper Noun - a term to describe Rife.
"Hey Jewbacca. I'm glad I stuck with you last weekend. As a result, I was able to say 'COME GET THIS THING!!!' to a lady friend."
by William Burke August 30, 2007
This term was invited to describe of this kid David of Sarasota Florida. We call him this cause he is hairy like chewbacca and cheeper than a jew.
Cross Between a Wookie and a cheapskate.
by Dr. Smith May 09, 2005

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