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Hairy Jewish male; generally over seven feet tall; proficient in hand to hand combat, hyperspace navigation, small arms repair, accounting, or civil litigation.
(1) That Jewbacca's butt is so hairy that his ass would stick to velcro!
(2) I bet I could shave my name into that jewbacca's ass.
by Abe December 02, 2004
410 87
A jewish person with an overabundance of body hair.
Damn, he's so hairy, he could be Jewbacca!
by David Westphal January 12, 2004
607 91
1.A Hairy Jew (i.e. A Jew that looks like or resembles a wookie)
Man, listen to the horific sound that Jewbacca is making
by Shamotica October 04, 2004
176 66
1. A hairy man or woman of hebrew lineage.
2. A large outgrowth of pubic hair belonging to either a man or woman of hebrew lineage.
I was about to go down on her..but she pulled off her panties, and JEWBACCA!
by JFray October 26, 2006
78 29
Chewbacca's grandfather who complains about everything.
This oatmeal's so dry! The air too moist! I need my medication!
by WeaselJeff February 25, 2004
115 74
a large hairy jewish person.
wolfsglen is a a jewbacca.
by landon keesee April 21, 2007
57 24
a jewish man who is hairy as fuck and resembles chewbacca; a towering Wookiee who is best known as the co-pilot of Han Solo's ship, the Millennium Falcon in the Star Wars films.
ohh duuddee! look at that hairy beast over there! oh shit is that a yamaka? its is! ITS A JEW-BACCA!
by J.Bunda December 23, 2007
45 14