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Chewbacca's grandfather who complains about everything.
This oatmeal's so dry! The air too moist! I need my medication!
by WeaselJeff February 25, 2004
Hairy Jewish male; generally over seven feet tall; proficient in hand to hand combat, hyperspace navigation, small arms repair, accounting, or civil litigation.
(1) That Jewbacca's butt is so hairy that his ass would stick to velcro!
(2) I bet I could shave my name into that jewbacca's ass.
by Abe December 02, 2004
1.A Hairy Jew (i.e. A Jew that looks like or resembles a wookie)
Man, listen to the horific sound that Jewbacca is making
by Shamotica October 04, 2004
1. A hairy man or woman of hebrew lineage.
2. A large outgrowth of pubic hair belonging to either a man or woman of hebrew lineage.
I was about to go down on her..but she pulled off her panties, and JEWBACCA!
by JFray October 26, 2006
a large hairy jewish person.
wolfsglen is a a jewbacca.
by landon keesee April 21, 2007
a jewish man who is hairy as fuck and resembles chewbacca; a towering Wookiee who is best known as the co-pilot of Han Solo's ship, the Millennium Falcon in the Star Wars films.
ohh duuddee! look at that hairy beast over there! oh shit is that a yamaka? its is! ITS A JEW-BACCA!
by J.Bunda December 23, 2007
An extremely hairy, Jewish man.
I totally hooked up with a Jewbacca last night. He was hairy, Jewish and made me pay for his reuben with extra coleslaw and Russian dressing.
by sdhlsadf February 19, 2008