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A form of the martial arts used by the ninjew. Kept secret among the Hebrew people, jew-fu allows the ninjew to perform spectacular feats of dexterity, dominate his opponents, or open an otherwise stubborn beer. Used by ninjews to fight pirates.
Darrin: How the hell did you beat me?
Ted: I'm a ninjew.
Darrin: Oh yeah, I forgot. Pwned by the jew-fu again.
by Nacho Dan June 30, 2004
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1.(noun) A Jewish-looking doofus.
2.(noun) A doofus with an extremely large nose.
"Marty stopped by my cubicle this afternoon. Corporate should move that jewfus from mergers to accounting. I bet his shylock nose can smell a dime from a mile away."
by mr.eeves November 15, 2007
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Negatively defined by the 1940s.
40s Jews couldn't Jew-fu. They would still be with us if they could. Would jew?
via giphy
by IntelligenceAndLove February 09, 2017
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