A slang term or "combination word" for 'Did' and 'You'
Yo Kelly, question... jew do the math homework?
Yeah, jew?
by Josh Holla February 25, 2008
1. A person who follows The Jewish faith.
2. Noah Powers
Noah Powers is a Jew because he follows the Jewish faith.
by Hdhdbdhehjs72747/772 December 09, 2011
A common term for a Jehovah's Witness in school yards across the whole of Great Britain. Usually used by ignorant children who know no better or children who wish to degrade a Jehovah's Witness.
Peter - Don't push in the line you stupid Jew!

Michael - I'm a Jehovah's Witness, not a Jew.

Peter - Fuck off.
by DaftusCuntus September 26, 2009
A cheap ass niggah... Or female
Joe: yo, let's go out and get something to eat
Dennis: nah bro, I got no money

Joe: you just got paid yesterday!!! Ain't you hungry?
Dennis: but I rather not eat and save money...
Joe: man... Fine! I'll pay for you, why you gotta be such a jew
by Browniebaby1 October 28, 2013
Sam Light
That damn sam light. What a jew.
A greedy swindler.
Bernie Madoff is the epitome of a Jew.
by kanas sucks April 20, 2011
Solution to any heating crisis. Incredibly flammable person who therefore fallows the jewish faith.
Brr it's cold in here!

Well then throw another jew in the incinerator!
by Nottaracist January 12, 2011

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