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Amanda Wortmann
"Gas that Jew!" yelled Hitler.
by HEIL MEIN FUHRER May 27, 2011
A person who has a lot of money and tries to sue
Woh! Look a Jew :D
by gir is great May 06, 2011
A descendant of Biblical Hebrews. They are characterized by olive skin, men having frizzy beards, and often brown eyes.
"I'm of Jewish descent." "Adam Sandler is the funniest Jew around!"
by A Jew named Britt May 27, 2005
A group of people stereotyped as:
big nosed, greedy, cheap, stingy, cheaters, ungentlemanly, non participants when it comes to paying anything, short, fat, with glasses, given to using words which insult non Jews, racists, support a foreign country over and above the country where they are permitted to live.

They are stereotyped like that because it's true.
We all chipped in to help give John's widow some needed cash, but Isaac said he didn't have any cash on him today--the cheap Jew.
My boss is a Jew; he never did give me the pay increase that he promised me, and now denies he ever said it.
Moses Cohen, the Jew, owner of that business is in jail for buying invoices and evading taxes.
by soreofhing November 25, 2009
A Jew is one who covets material prosperity claiming it's a manifestation allegorical to virtue.

Anything of value should not be coveted. But that's what Jews do.

eg. The covetous Jew.

If such prosperity is not coveted, then the detrimental externalization of their own limitations upon different generations and individuals will be ameliorated.

Thus freeing the populace from Zionist control and freeing the spirit to explore space both outer and inner.
Kyle is a covetous Jew.
by GeniusSloth September 08, 2008
1. A person that champions, believes in, or practices Judaism; A person of a Jewish background.

2. A highly stingy or greedy person that is usually prosperous but heavily criticized for his ways.

1. "Hey guys you seen that new kid in school?"

" Oh yeah, the kid is a Jew, I went to his bar mitzvah."

2. " Dude who is that one kid in the shirt?"

" Oh that's that Levi kid...he's a Jew he tried to snake me...."
by Chunguie October 08, 2009
Allegedly, a "white", "European" humanoid. In reality an Armenian raised to the dizzying heights of godlike conceit.
Jews are white too you know!
by Marshall Lentini May 23, 2007