a an ethnic and cultural background as well as a term for one who practices the monotheistic religion of judaism.. thats it! i see alotta posters on this site with their head lodged so far up their ass about being jewish that they dont see the true picture that it is not a birthright to succeed just because you're jewish. you can come from a really crappy family with bad parenting figures and end up like any average joe. some may perhaps say that it is genetic in nature for their success, while others their cultural traditions of parenting and discipline. i myself have a genious iq and am not jewish, but have had jewish friends. there are many other individuals who do not achieve the success of what many of them have accomplished, and individual personality and experience inside their community is a factor in how a person will turn out. in this case the jewish community is very tightly knit and look out for one another. this has helped them to succeed and survive. but to call themselves gods chosen people is complete and utter bullshit and does nothing but make themselves look like elitist assholes that makes everyone else think that they believe that everyone should fucking bow down to them. conceit is an evil in itself, and it can spawn hatred and in this case anti-semitism. yes, it is a well known fact that the jews have been treated like utter shit for centuries, but look at what other people have had to go through and are still going through. no matter what race you are there is no denying that nobody in north america has been treated worse than the natives, and to ignore their plight is still being ignored to this day. those that are jewish should feel happy that they aren't living like that and they are actually treated equally in western society today. the whole world needs to do itself a favour (the jews included) and stop overgeneralizing eachother or looking down on eachother. only until then can there ever be peace. u can have all the fancy harvard law degrees in the world and never see the picture, until you have the wisdom of life experience all that intelligence and academic achievement will be merely superficial to your concept of what the reality of life is and what the greater good for people as a whole is.. thats at least my philosophy
jews are just like any other human being and shouldn't be treated as more or less than that.
by armake25 October 29, 2007
A Jewish person is a person of the Jewish decent and are just like everyone else except they are better because they are related to Moses. Jewish people are some of the most wonderful, nice, respectful, sympathetic, and just kind people you will ever meet. I pity those who are so pissed off and feel so ordinary that they need to make themselves feel better by hating us!
I am a Jew, I feel bad for you fuckin nazis.
by Robin Norbi May 14, 2005
We have more fun.
"Dude, I wouldn't be so bored if I was a jew!"

"Ya, I totally agree to the max..."
by Bored christian October 20, 2008
A Jew is someone of the Jewish religion. They are usually rich or well off because they are smart with their money and no how to handle it and know not to spend it on stupid thing. Because we are always rich or well off, we are hated and other religions make some crazy excuse to massacure us and take our stuff, but we always come back and we will always be on this planet!
michael douglas, woody allen, judy bloom, jerry springer, alicia silverstone, sharon osborn, steven spielberg, billy joel, Harry conick JR. Neil Diamond, Kenny G
by Rachell June 23, 2005
people who were blamed, and treated like dirt.
i am part jewish. i have ancestors who were jewish, but later on, one of them switched to christianity though i stand proud and tall as a jew.
by admin jew June 09, 2007
something with high standards and great body.
ooh what a handsome jew i am! when anyone enters mobius, they'll think of my brilliant penus.
by jewish jewjew July 11, 2009
a religion/ethnic group that religiously, all catholic people have in them (or at least had ancestors after jeasus who still practiced this religion). i have studied religiously about catholisisim and saw that all catholics have ancestors of this religion, and i do myself now that i have mentioned it. i am proud to be a jew. anyone who is catholic should be proud of their jewish ancestors. i know i am.
i have not as recent jewish ancestors, though i am still proud. i dont plan on celebrating jewish things, but i am still proud of my jewish backround.
by udfreak June 10, 2007
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