The people who came out of ancient Egypt's ruins with a fortune and ruthlessly took over the entire world.

The people who's asses you have to kiss to get anywhere, especially but not confined to in hollywood, music industry, mainstream media (tv, publishing in magazines, news and books), art, law, medical, banking, food, pharmaceuticals, pornography and anything else which involves controlling the public in any way shape or form.
As much as they'd tell you otherwise, they think they're better than you, the goy (non jews), to the higher elite jews (the ones who rule the world) you are on the same level as a filthy animal. It's permitted to use, lie, cheat, steal, poison and kill goy. Sand God said so.

Not only responsible for wars in the last century. That's too kind. Let's leave it at that.

Jewish apostles come to Europe, suddenly over a thousand bloody dark and hellish years later, everyone is to believe God of the universe is a Jew
It's a shame that you are so beautiful, smart and talented but can't seem to get anywhere, maybe you should try groveling to power jews and whoring for them!

Wow Marx was a Jew?!

Why is everything on tv about Hitler, sex, poop jokes and aliens? Dammit Jews!
by Ima Nottsory December 15, 2014
Junior Enlisted Warrior (military slang, E-1 to E-3)
Get me a couple of them jews to come clean out this company office.
by dj32089 December 05, 2012
People of the Jewish religion. Contrary to some of the anti-semitic definitions here, Jews are regular people like you and me who just want to live in peace and be left alone. The reason why Jews are successful is because of hard work and dedication as well as perseverance. When we say we're "Chosen people", we don't mean that we're better than non-Jews. Rather, we believe that we are chosen to follow God's laws. Despite constant and mindless hatred through their turbulent history, the Jews were able to succeed and thrive in many countries. Modern Jews today are very tolerant and open-minded, save the Hasidim. Jews, unlike Christianity and Islam, don't try to shove their religion down your throat and convince you that their religion is the only true one. Jews have very rich and cultural traditions including kick ass ancient hebrew songs like Hava Nagila. A lot of the world's greatest scientists such as Albert Einstein were Jews. Jews are also used as common scapegoats and blamed for every problem under the sun. For those of you who post anti-semitic definitions of Jews I have one thing to say to you: go fuck yourselves. The fact that a population of 14 million people that make up .001% of the world drive you insane, it says a lot about you more than it does about Jews.
It's also interesting to note that Jews are criticized for being stingy but there are many wealthy Jews who give away their money to various charities. They have developed useful technology and medicines that benefit all of us around the world. Think about that before you spout your hatred.
by Wake Up July 07, 2013
A self sufficient people. They are blamed for mostly everything bad that ever happened ever because Jews are easy scapegoats.

An example would be in the middle ages when the Bubonic Plague (Black Plague) was rampant Jews were the only demographic that wasn't getting it due to the fact that all Jews living where the plague was lived in close knit healthy communities differing from the peasants living in squalor usually getting it. That of course was blamed on the Jews.

Another example would be the Holocaust. Hitler was a pathetic man with one testicle and hate in his heart. He decided to take out his anger on the Jews, gays, gypsies and others by winning the hearts of the easily impressed German populace with his moderate speaking skills. Jews did nothing wrong to anybody and everyone smart knows this.
"Awe man I failed math for the year, it must be that slimy Jew David Goldstein's fault.."

Ignorant man 1: "You know that Jew family across the street?"
Ignorant man 2: "Yeah they seem like nice people.. But they are plotting our downfall as we speak.."
by Jewbro69 June 23, 2011
A person who has a lot of money and tries to sue
Woh! Look a Jew :D
by gir is great May 06, 2011
Abbreviation of "what did you" or just "did you"
Jew do to piss her off like that?

Jew fuck her last night?
by harrumph July 10, 2008
A group of people that many dislike.
Jew: Hello, I'm Jewish.
Normal Person: Ew, I fucking hate you.
*punches Jew in the face and pisses in Jew's mouth*
by Salad Time August 19, 2007

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