1 Someone of the Jewish persuasion.
2 A derogatory term for someone who is dishonest, miserly or generally regarded as not being a gentleman.

1 To cheat or defraud.
2 To expend an excessive amount of time and effort to negotiate the lowest price for something when an ordinary person would be ashamed to do so.
What a Jew! He spent 2 hours getting 20 dollars off the price of a new car.
He just doesn't try to integrate in the local community--he's a Jew.
My boss promised me a Christmas bonus back in February but when the time arrived he jewed me out of it.
The boss bought a new Cadillac on company money then explained to me that there wasn't any money to give me my promised raise....the lousy Jew.
The company owner doesn't spend money on safety equipment for the workers...he's a Jew.
by soreofhing July 05, 2009
Most hated race by Hitler
Reincarnated Hitler: This time I'm going to kill 30,000 Jews and two clowns!

Random: Why are you going to kill two clowns?

Reincarnated Hitler: See, no one cares about zee Jews!
by HitmanSam November 16, 2010
1. A person who practices the religion of Judaism, regardless of his or her ethnicity.
2. A person who was raised in a Jewish family and considers himself an ethnic Jew.
3. A person who is intelligent and has an above average dick, but who doesn't brag about it because he doesn't want to make his Christian friends jealous.
I don't go to temple, but my father was Jewish. If you want to call me a Jew, that's fine with me.
by methehebrew100 August 20, 2009
A Jew is a person who follows the Jewish religion. A Jew is not stereotypically stingy, miserly or anything like that. A Jew is a human being like anyone else. Saying that they ARE miserly and stingy would be like saying christians are stereotypically gay! And they're not. So LOVE everyone, ACCEPT everyone and LIVE your life in peace!

God bless all!!
See above. This is a message for anyone. Accept the jews!
The triage of friends that left the nati only to be reunited stronger than ever
Hanging out with the JEW crew at the SHouse tonight
by W of JEW May 31, 2004
A designator referring to a specific religion practiced by a specific group of originally semitic peoples. An accurate definition beyond this point is impossible because of the myriad connotations, both positive and negative, which this word has. Elaborate definitions simply fall into racist rant, ignorant generalizations,stereotypes, and transparent envy.
Too many people would have you believe that generosity is foreign to Jews.
by Bernard Stein October 10, 2005
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