to rip someone off or to get ripped off.
"dude, you just got Jewed out of 10 yuan."
by messybuzzcut July 11, 2009
Someone who is tight with money, they often have curly hair and a big nose. Morgan and Colton are common names for Jews.
Colton saves every penny he finds... what a jew
by Jewthousand14 December 30, 2013
Someone extremely cheap and overly cautious with money to the point that it affects others.
Daniel Snyder is the biggest Jew I know.
by Lenny1957854 January 10, 2014
Abbreviation of "what did you" or just "did you"
Jew do to piss her off like that?

Jew fuck her last night?
by harrumph July 10, 2008
The people who came out of ancient Egypt's ruins with a fortune and ruthlessly took over the entire world.

The people who's asses you have to kiss to get anywhere, especially but not confined to in hollywood, music industry, mainstream media (tv, publishing in magazines, news and books), art, law, medical, banking, food, pharmaceuticals, pornography and anything else which involves controlling the public in any way shape or form.
As much as they'd tell you otherwise, they think they're better than you, the goy (non jews), to the higher elite jews (the ones who rule the world) you are on the same level as a filthy animal. It's permitted to use, lie, cheat, steal, poison and kill goy. Sand God said so.

Not only responsible for wars in the last century. That's too kind. Let's leave it at that.

Jewish apostles come to Europe, suddenly over a thousand bloody dark and hellish years later, everyone is to believe God of the universe is a Jew
It's a shame that you are so beautiful, smart and talented but can't seem to get anywhere, maybe you should try groveling to power jews and whoring for them!

Wow Marx was a Jew?!

Why is everything on tv about Hitler, sex, poop jokes and aliens? Dammit Jews!
by Ima Nottsory December 15, 2014
A group of people that many dislike.
Jew: Hello, I'm Jewish.
Normal Person: Ew, I fucking hate you.
*punches Jew in the face and pisses in Jew's mouth*
by Salad Time August 19, 2007
Junior Enlisted Warrior (military slang, E-1 to E-3)
Get me a couple of them jews to come clean out this company office.
by dj32089 December 05, 2012

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