What a jew is:

Someone who follows the religion known as Judaism.
All jews are recognized citizens of Israel.

What a jew is NOT:

JEW is NOT a race, get over it. A race is not a religion. A race is not your country of origin. A race is determined by differing physical attributes.

What is true about jews:

Throughout history they have been the center of many atrocities.

They believe they are the chosen people. This stance of putting themselves above everyone else is a part of why they have gone through what they have throughout history.

What is not true about jews:

While stereotypes do hold a fair amount of truth they are not an absolute. Not all jews are cheap, dirty, smelly, etc.

Jews are NOT always the victims and in fact have instigated many of their own problems throughout history.

You can't claim you want peace in the middle east and then order air strikes on the opposing police stations. This just furthur takes away that countries ability to do anything about it and instigates more hatred to your own people and resets the peace process every single time.

You aren't the chosen people by god. Your no different than anyone else and no better than anyone else. If you were chosen by god why did he hand you the only 100 square mile area of the middle east with no oil? Irony isn't it.

There goes another Jew thinking that thinks Jew is a race.
by Rea Lity January 05, 2006
A filthy door knocking cunt named Liam Nagy
*knock* *knock* don't bother asking, get the gun. Fucking jews!
by Asså nalle har dank May 14, 2015

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