What a jew is:

Someone who follows the religion known as Judaism.
All jews are recognized citizens of Israel.

What a jew is NOT:

JEW is NOT a race, get over it. A race is not a religion. A race is not your country of origin. A race is determined by differing physical attributes.

What is true about jews:

Throughout history they have been the center of many atrocities.

They believe they are the chosen people. This stance of putting themselves above everyone else is a part of why they have gone through what they have throughout history.

What is not true about jews:

While stereotypes do hold a fair amount of truth they are not an absolute. Not all jews are cheap, dirty, smelly, etc.

Jews are NOT always the victims and in fact have instigated many of their own problems throughout history.

You can't claim you want peace in the middle east and then order air strikes on the opposing police stations. This just furthur takes away that countries ability to do anything about it and instigates more hatred to your own people and resets the peace process every single time.

You aren't the chosen people by god. Your no different than anyone else and no better than anyone else. If you were chosen by god why did he hand you the only 100 square mile area of the middle east with no oil? Irony isn't it.

There goes another Jew thinking that thinks Jew is a race.
by Rea Lity January 05, 2006
dude from Reading called Adnan Younis...drives a black Golf...
i know that jew..he smells
by younis November 27, 2007
-A person of Jewish Decent. A rich person or highly inteligent person. (99.9% of jews are quite wealthy and are very smart).
I can't believe Karl Marx, Hitler, Steven Spielberg, Albert Einstein, Leon Trotsky, Alan Greenspan (head of fed reserve basically in charge of all the money in the gov), Ben Stiller, and Johnny Ramone were Jewish (besides hilter who was 50% jewish)
by german jew May 26, 2005
(v) To Jew someone in the context of video games is to defeat them in a match, either by killing their character or defeating them in any other way.
(playing counter-strike) Dude, that guy was camping and jewed me good.
by tamsguy July 25, 2006
big bushy beards.
small hats resting on their head.
julie the jew is an example of jews
by Rachull November 18, 2007
Person of the faith of Judaism. They belive that they are the chosen people of god and all others, or non jews are gentiles and are put on the earth to serve people of the jewish faith/jewish blood. Are often stereotyped for being rich.
That jew who runs the pawn shop on the corner just screwed me over.
by fr8train April 19, 2006
slang term for people who follow the religion of judiasim. this is the oldest abrahamic relgion this is told to us by the bible and the quran,people who have abandend the path of god,are responsible for countless world crimes,and are moreless,annoying,money horders who will all have a home in the hell fire.they have a natural greed and have no manual labor ability at all,acoponied by a large ugly nose larger uglier hair,and a whiney annoying uglier voice.they countroll everything and make honest hardworking people exsaust themselves so they can go bang there head in a wall and live in a land stolen from innocent palestinans that they slaughtered raped and tourtured and repeated what happened to them by the nazis (they recieve money as conspentation from the german people who werent even around during the time of the holocuast,just as they say there wernt around for the death of christ,and it wasnt romans who killed christ it was the jews.-this deffenetion may seem hatefull and racesist but its not ive learend this from first hand expeirence,im sure theres a good jew out there i just havent met one yet.
"youd think with all that money they have they could just buy land instead of stealing it from innocent people and commiting genocide."

man1"howd he get that job he didnt even know what he was doing!!"
man2"hes a jew they look out for eachother,dont you know jews dont have to work for anything"

woman"dont touch me there!"
jew"why must you tourture me ive been through enough my family was in the holocaust!"
by ishmailthewarrioroflight July 05, 2006
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