a person belonging to the ancient Hebrew tribe of Juda
there were originally 12 tribes in all living in what was then Israel; however, since that of Juda was the largest, non-Hebrews (called Gentiles, after a considerate group of people whom the Hebrews had much contact with in ancient times, and is also where the English word "gentle" is derived) came to know the entire group, as well as the religion they practised, as Jews/Judaism
* most "Jews" today do not descend from the tribe of Juda; but, as stated above, are simply known as such for being from Israel or being of said religion

Jew is also used as a derogatory term for those who fit into the Jewish sterotype (cheap, money-hungry, unfair, or unscrupulous in business) which came about due to the fact that, during the height of the Roman empire, only citizens of Rome were required to pay taxes and abide by mercantile laws; the Jews were not citizens and therefore Jewish merchants were not inhibited by the aforementioned laws and therefore seen by Romans as being cheap, money-hungry, unfair, or unscrupulous in business

a stereotyped description of a Jew is of having a large nose and frizzy hair and speaking in yiddesh

Jews stereotypically have first names ending in -mon and last names beginning with a precious metal and ending in -berg or -stein
For best example of Jew: see South Park (a cartoon satire set in South Park, Colorado)
Kyle Brovlowski is a Jew
Eric Cartman hates Kyle for being a Jew

You God-damn Jew, shut your filthy Jew mouth,
you can't throw those nunchakus away can you? your jewish blood won't let you, not when you payed $8.00 for them.

names: first: Solomon, Bechmon
last: Goldberg, Silverstein
by farged November 29, 2007
A jew is a person of the jewish relgion
Johnnys Girlfriend Dee is a Jew
by Zosina March 23, 2006
See: Thumper (character in Bambii to understand)
Thumper is such a jew!
by E Dison February 08, 2008
A Jew is a person who follows the Jewish religion. A Jew is not stereotypically stingy, miserly or anything like that. A Jew is a human being like anyone else. Saying that they ARE miserly and stingy would be like saying christians are stereotypically gay! And they're not. So LOVE everyone, ACCEPT everyone and LIVE your life in peace!

God bless all!!
See above. This is a message for anyone. Accept the jews!
An acronym pertaining to the band Jimmy Eat World. They are one of the greatest bands ever and write totally amazing and original work.
Dude, JEW is intense.
Dude, I know.
by Johnny B. Goodd December 09, 2006
Random playful insult that is directed at somebody who is not jewish.
Non jew: Can you pass me the diet coke?

Other Non jew: You are so fucking jewish.
by KCA Watts September 01, 2008
A designator referring to a specific religion practiced by a specific group of originally semitic peoples. An accurate definition beyond this point is impossible because of the myriad connotations, both positive and negative, which this word has. Elaborate definitions simply fall into racist rant, ignorant generalizations,stereotypes, and transparent envy.
Too many people would have you believe that generosity is foreign to Jews.
by Bernard Stein October 10, 2005

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