1) Someone who practices judaism

2) Anyone who acts like a jew (doesn't like to spend money, whines and complains a lot, etc.)

3) The name for any person(s) who is extremely annoying, they think they can do anything, or just make a big deal out of almost nothing
-that guy is such a jew

-dude, stop being such a jew

-I am a jew
by T16Akatsuki June 08, 2009
The opposite of a real person.
"Did we just hit something?"

"It's okay, I think it was a Jew."
by Your Real Dad May 27, 2009
Sam Light
That damn sam light. What a jew.
The enemy of the state, no the world, a jew is a cheap, greedy, cold hearted son of a bitch from another planet, most likely jewpitur. The cause and loss of world war 1 for Germany is entirely the jew's fault, same as the cause of the holocaust, and the reason Germany lost world war 2. They took jobs from hard working, pure blooded German people and they should all be killed. Again. For the third time. But all of them this time.
Guy 1: Hey, do you see that dirty jew over there?
Guy 2: Why yes i do, should we go over there and kill him?
Guy 1: Yes we should, its what our all mighty Führer would want us to do.
Guy 2: Ok, lets kill that dirty greedy kyke bastard.
by killa killa kyle March 21, 2011
1. A person that champions, believes in, or practices Judaism; A person of a Jewish background.

2. A highly stingy or greedy person that is usually prosperous but heavily criticized for his ways.

1. "Hey guys you seen that new kid in school?"

" Oh yeah, the kid is a Jew, I went to his bar mitzvah."

2. " Dude who is that one kid in the shirt?"

" Oh that's that Levi kid...he's a Jew he tried to snake me...."
by Chunguie October 08, 2009
Someone who supports the Israeli Army whatever attrocities it does in Gaza or Lebanon
John: Those terrorists in Gaza are a threat to Israel and every jew on the planet. They should burn in hell.

Stacey: they're six-month old babies and they did burn

John: Kudos for the IAF
by zbezial October 06, 2009
an expression of extreme suprise or anger.
Holy Jew you scared me.

God, your such a Jew sometimes.
by lackinator April 25, 2009
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