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1. Synonym for homosexual
Enrique is a fucking jew, he prefers the hershey highway over poon.
by Rachel Paul April 01, 2007
Anybody that actually takes urban dictionary definitions for the word "Jew" seriously enough to complain about it.
David: "Damn, she complained about THAT?"
Kyle: "Must be a jew."
by johnny got his gun June 16, 2005
To Jew involves taking a 1p or 2p piece and skimming it acroos the ground whilst shouting "JEW!" at the top of your voice, thus provoking a mass bundle on top of the coin, the winner being he or she that claims the coin.

It is also possible to "SILVER JEW!" which, naturally, requires a coin of 5p or above. To my knowledge, no-one ever jewed a pound.
Dan: "JEW!"

All: "JEW!"
by Weelydangle May 08, 2007
a member of Judaism, usually easily identifiable by their horns and tiny penises. Jews are cheap as hell, often trying to negotiate prices even at corporate retail stores. Jews are known to kill innocent children and steal their organs for profit. Money is the measure of man for Jews. Also known as kike, heeb, yid, and oven fodder.
That dumb Jew tried to talk down the price by ten cents.
by kilog1000 September 07, 2009
Someone who contradicts their spirit in an unimpressive fashion.
Eli'sha: 'God's cool!'
Eli'jah: 'I like it when you're not being a jew.'
by MC Impious October 30, 2008
Group of people who follow judaism.
seem to be most hated people on the planet ether because there history of success with money and business or there history of claiming prophethood and divinity causing them to be exiled on almost every possible place on the east side of the planet earth.
You shouldn't hate Jews just because somebody told you too.
by zip_coon August 08, 2007

a person who practices Judaism.

can be recognized for their stinginess,lack of money and friends ,by there little hats (they small cause it uses less fabric therefore costing less) also the fact that they live in a cardboard box in ST-Ives Sydney.
most are linked to al qaeda
Elliot: man i drove through st.ives yestidi and man i saw so many jews
jack: how did you know they where jews
Elliot: oh they all had those gay little hats on and they were in cardboard boxes
jack: oh ok i believe that they jew now
little jew:JIHAD ON YOU
by Elliot Cook July 24, 2007