Diragatory word for a jewish person.

A scrauny little theif, who puts as much stuff in his pockets as he can.
hey guys look at that little jew go!
by joan of ark January 23, 2007
A cheap ass niggah... Or female
Joe: yo, let's go out and get something to eat
Dennis: nah bro, I got no money

Joe: you just got paid yesterday!!! Ain't you hungry?
Dennis: but I rather not eat and save money...
Joe: man... Fine! I'll pay for you, why you gotta be such a jew
by Browniebaby1 October 28, 2013
Born again Christian.. Anyone who does NOT accept JESUS is NOT a Jew but is a synagogue of satan (Revelation 2:9 and 3:9) One is NOT a Jew because they are an "ethnic" seed of Abraham, one IS a JEW who accepts the God of Abraham, a.k.a. the righteous seed of Abraham, be they Jew or gentile, male or female. God cursed His people in A.D. 70 for their refusal to accept JESUS.. Don't be deceived into thinking the "jews" are still God's chosen people, as most of the Christian world teaches. A TRUE JEW (true Israelite) simply means anyone who has accepted JESUS (The God of Abraham).. Israel means "chosen of God", which is the same. We, born again Christians, are the Israelites, because we accepted what was intended for the "jews"... The "jews" who call themselves Jews because of their ethnicity, is part of the remnant. Jew (originally spelled Ju) comes from the name Judas. He was one of the 12 sons of Jacob. Judas was one of the 12 tribes, which were named after the 12 sons. When the tribes got scattered much of them got mixed together and to this day no "jew" knows which tribe they truly belong to. In any case, the are NOT true Jews in the eyes of God, in fact they're NOT true Israelites.
Person A: Hey, do you believe in God
Person B: Yes, I believe he is JESUS
Person A: You are a true Israelite, because you accepted what was intended for the "jews"
Person B: Really?
Person A: Yes, read Revelation 2:9 and 3:9
Person B: Okay, that's interesting!
by AnonymousLee2 May 01, 2012
The scum of the earth. They try to get money and sympathy for the holocaust, which didn't even happen.
Jews are rats.
by white pride worldwide 14/88 January 30, 2011
Verb. The act of trying to rip someone off or steal from some one.
1. That guy tried to jew me on the price for the car.

2. That Madoff really jewed a lot of people out of their money.
by chase mcd January 27, 2010
1-A derogatory remark or title given to someone not willing to share food or other items.

2-The official first name of anyone born of Jewish culture.
Ex 1-John: Who should I try to mooch off of at lunch?

Bob: Try anyone but Justin. He's a Jew with his food.

Ex 2- Katey: Can you loan me a quarter?

Ex-3 Irvin: Who is that over there?
Luke: The kid with curly brown hair? Oh, thats the Jew.
by Mr. Monty's Magic Stick January 26, 2010
1)cheap,greedy, bastards otherwise known as penny-pinchers or kikes

2)Someone with a job that involves money.
Jew:hey i just got upgraded to bank accountant.
Catholic:wow dude your a fucking jew.
by lol1621 December 04, 2009
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