a fag. its that simple. a fag.
someone that people tend to hate even more than asians.
a common name for someone who is gay
a common name for someone who is a retard
a common name for someone that kills Saviors of the world
a fag
Non-Jew: "Wow only a jew would do that"
by killalljewsandsomeasians October 19, 2010
The God himself, or the mysterious perfection and deification of the human character.
Not only do you need to have blood from one of the 12 tribes, but also study the mysteries of the Torah, oral law, and cabala to reach the status of a Jew.
by Mr. Illuminasty June 18, 2010
brandon golob!!!!!!!
brandon golob is one whory jew bag now get in my OVEN!!!!!!!
by sneaky pants August 19, 2009
1. Synonym for homosexual
Enrique is a fucking jew, he prefers the hershey highway over poon.
by Rachel Paul April 01, 2007
1. A Person who practices the Jewish faith (the oldest monotheistic religion known to man)

2. Also used as a derrogatory term for someone who does not like to spend money

3. being cheated out of something

1. The man was a devout Jew and went to his synagogue every day.

2. Stop being such a jew and give me a dollar.

3. You just got jewed out of that bowling pin man...that shouldve been a strike
by Evan M. G. February 01, 2006
cheap, no let me redefine that jews are CHEAP!!!!
when a jew is walking down the street if they see a penny they will pick it up it is like a spider sense they have, wherever there is money no matter how big they get it
by GRANT (THE JEW) June 26, 2005
Anybody that actually takes urban dictionary definitions for the word "Jew" seriously enough to complain about it.
David: "Damn, she complained about THAT?"
Kyle: "Must be a jew."
by johnny got his gun June 16, 2005

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