1. A Person who practices the Jewish faith (the oldest monotheistic religion known to man)

2. Also used as a derrogatory term for someone who does not like to spend money

3. being cheated out of something

1. The man was a devout Jew and went to his synagogue every day.

2. Stop being such a jew and give me a dollar.

3. You just got jewed out of that bowling pin man...that shouldve been a strike
by Evan M. G. February 01, 2006
I am Jewish honestly, and Jews are greedy, have big noses, and are snobby people. Although I hate to say it most stereotypes are true, but like always there are good ones such as Jews being good doctors, lawyers, and good with money like financial advisors. All our last names are Jewish defining points
Alex: Dude, spend a few dollars on food and not make your girlfriend gefilte fish all the time.
Noah: But cooking is cheaper.
Alex: You are such a fucking Jew.
by Jewman, the Jewish superhero February 15, 2012
(n) a young guy, usually named Ben, and characterized by that giant nose we all know and love.
douchebag #1: hahaha look at that hamiltoe over there
douchebag #2: yeah i hear he's just a Jew
by haharich91 January 30, 2011
commonly used to make fun of a person
sorry i cant go my moms being a jew
by wu killa bee March 31, 2009
The "real" jews, descendants of the Hebrews, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, from the Old Testament, were annihilated for the most part during the first century A.D.

99% of "white" jews we see today are actually descendants of Khazars, a pagan race that used to live in Khazaria (name changed to Russia today). These Khazars converted to judaism around 740 A.D. The white jews are NOT the blood descendants of Abraham, Jacob or Moses, from the Old Testament. For more info please do some research and read a book called "The Thirteenth Tribe" written by Arthur Koestler, himself a Khazar.

It is sad that the Khazars (who call themselves jews today) are so ashamed of their real ancestors. Shame.

"White jews are descendants of Khazars, a pagan race that used to live in Khazaria (named Russia later)."
by rachelslight February 12, 2007
1. A religion that believes Jesus, their Savior, has not come yet to take away their sins and die for them.

2. A mean name you call someone when you are mad and cannot swear: most likely meaning stubborn, ignorant, annoying, evil, stupid, and so on.
1. The Jews are waiting for Jesus to come.

2. That stupid Jew keeps stalking me and annoying me!
by thedocinatortatorskator March 28, 2011
another form of the word you, when talking to a Jewish person.
"RACHEL! What are jew doing?!
by choysee! July 10, 2008
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