Diragatory word for a jewish person.

A scrauny little theif, who puts as much stuff in his pockets as he can.
hey guys look at that little jew go!
by joan of ark January 23, 2007
Someone who practice Judaism or has a Jewish mother.

A paranoid person who uses his ultimate power in every occasion: Accusation of being Anti-Semitic!

Someone who thinks the whole world should burn to hell to pay the price of one mad man’s mistake.

Someone who labels every Arab (a.k.a sand people, towel heads, and oil-rich camel riders) a terrorist while secretly selling them weapons.

Someone who would get offended by this and give it a thumbs down.

Someone who fails to realize Semite is not a race and if it was then all Arabs (a.k.a The Enemy) by definition are Sematic as well.
Khalid: Hey Ben
Ben: AAAH! Get away from me you damn terrorist!


Fred: Hey nice hat!
Ben: (mumbles) Anti-semitic bastard...

Alfred: Are you a Jew?
Ben: Who's asking?
by Ben Dover Later November 25, 2006
1) A person of Jewish Faith.

2) A person who frequently exhibits qualities associated with being cheap, therefore making them whiney and annoying. --This originates from the stereotype that people who are Jewish do not spend money.

3) Has more meaning when the adjective HOOKNOSE is added. This is another stereotype associating Jews with large, prominent noses.
1) There goes that Jew off to the synagogue.

2) Jim, stop being a jew and pay the fucking tab for once!

3) Bobby is such a Hooknose Jew. He never tips well.
by B Kid December 22, 2009
verb. - as in being cheap

to jew someone out of money is basically short changing them
1. "dude, u owe me $5, stop jewing me out"

2. Harold owed $1.50 for the bagel he was about to buy but managed to jew his way out and "claim" he only had $1.40

3. After delivering a pizza for his job, zeke was felt he had been jew'd out when he was only tipped 50 cents
by Hot dog Bunning May 12, 2005
I am Jewish honestly, and Jews are greedy, have big noses, and are snobby people. Although I hate to say it most stereotypes are true, but like always there are good ones such as Jews being good doctors, lawyers, and good with money like financial advisors. All our last names are Jewish defining points
Alex: Dude, spend a few dollars on food and not make your girlfriend gefilte fish all the time.
Noah: But cooking is cheaper.
Alex: You are such a fucking Jew.
by Jewman, the Jewish superhero February 15, 2012
1. A religion that believes Jesus, their Savior, has not come yet to take away their sins and die for them.

2. A mean name you call someone when you are mad and cannot swear: most likely meaning stubborn, ignorant, annoying, evil, stupid, and so on.
1. The Jews are waiting for Jesus to come.

2. That stupid Jew keeps stalking me and annoying me!
by thedocinatortatorskator March 28, 2011
(n) a young guy, usually named Ben, and characterized by that giant nose we all know and love.
douchebag #1: hahaha look at that hamiltoe over there
douchebag #2: yeah i hear he's just a Jew
by haharich91 January 30, 2011

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