1. A religion that believes Jesus, their Savior, has not come yet to take away their sins and die for them.

2. A mean name you call someone when you are mad and cannot swear: most likely meaning stubborn, ignorant, annoying, evil, stupid, and so on.
1. The Jews are waiting for Jesus to come.

2. That stupid Jew keeps stalking me and annoying me!
by thedocinatortatorskator March 28, 2011
Solution to any heating crisis. Incredibly flammable person who therefore fallows the jewish faith.
Brr it's cold in here!

Well then throw another jew in the incinerator!
by Nottaracist January 12, 2011
to steal or take something.
hey let me jew that pencil from you so i can write my name.
by theparodoxofthefalsepositive November 23, 2010
1) A person of Jewish Faith.

2) A person who frequently exhibits qualities associated with being cheap, therefore making them whiney and annoying. --This originates from the stereotype that people who are Jewish do not spend money.

3) Has more meaning when the adjective HOOKNOSE is added. This is another stereotype associating Jews with large, prominent noses.
1) There goes that Jew off to the synagogue.

2) Jim, stop being a jew and pay the fucking tab for once!

3) Bobby is such a Hooknose Jew. He never tips well.
by B Kid December 22, 2009
moneygrubbin son of a bitch
That jew asked me for 40 cents lmao
by Jason Zdog January 11, 2009
someone who is cheap
Person #1: "Give me $2.50 for lunch"
Person #2: "No"
Person #1: What a jew!

"he owes me $10 and he's giving me $2 a day. How jewish is that?
by JJR1 April 21, 2008
Diragatory word for a jewish person.

A scrauny little theif, who puts as much stuff in his pockets as he can.
hey guys look at that little jew go!
by joan of ark January 23, 2007

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