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another form of the word you, when talking to a jew.
RACHEL! What are Jew doing?!

Do jew want to go to the mall?
by choysee! July 10, 2008
1.(noun) A person who practices Judaism or is of Jewish decent.

2.(verb) When a person attempts to seperate you from your money or anything else.
Person A stands up from his chair and person B immidiately sits down in it. Person A says, "Dude, you just jewed my chair!"

Person A drops a penny and person B dives for it. Person A says, "Hey, that's mine!" Person B replies, "Sorry man, but I just jewed it."
by Quinn Landan April 01, 2008
Someone who practice Judaism or has a Jewish mother.

A paranoid person who uses his ultimate power in every occasion: Accusation of being Anti-Semitic!

Someone who thinks the whole world should burn to hell to pay the price of one mad man’s mistake.

Someone who labels every Arab (a.k.a sand people, towel heads, and oil-rich camel riders) a terrorist while secretly selling them weapons.

Someone who would get offended by this and give it a thumbs down.

Someone who fails to realize Semite is not a race and if it was then all Arabs (a.k.a The Enemy) by definition are Sematic as well.
Khalid: Hey Ben
Ben: AAAH! Get away from me you damn terrorist!


Fred: Hey nice hat!
Ben: (mumbles) Anti-semitic bastard...

Alfred: Are you a Jew?
Ben: Who's asking?
by Ben Dover Later November 25, 2006
jimmy eat world. one of the most unique and best bands in the world.
i just listened to jew and now my life is changed (but not really.) they r about to tour with greenday and that will be the best concert ever.
by jazmine cox June 01, 2005
verb. - as in being cheap

to jew someone out of money is basically short changing them
1. "dude, u owe me $5, stop jewing me out"

2. Harold owed $1.50 for the bagel he was about to buy but managed to jew his way out and "claim" he only had $1.40

3. After delivering a pizza for his job, zeke was felt he had been jew'd out when he was only tipped 50 cents
by Hot dog Bunning May 12, 2005
to steal or take something.
hey let me jew that pencil from you so i can write my name.
by theparodoxofthefalsepositive November 23, 2010
Verb. The act of trying to rip someone off or steal from some one.
1. That guy tried to jew me on the price for the car.

2. That Madoff really jewed a lot of people out of their money.
by chase mcd January 27, 2010