A Jew is one who covets material prosperity claiming it's a manifestation allegorical to virtue.

Anything of value should not be coveted. But that's what Jews do.

eg. The covetous Jew.

If such prosperity is not coveted, then the detrimental externalization of their own limitations upon different generations and individuals will be ameliorated.

Thus freeing the populace from Zionist control and freeing the spirit to explore space both outer and inner.
Kyle is a covetous Jew.
by GeniusSloth September 08, 2008
Sam Light
That damn sam light. What a jew.
1)cheap,greedy, bastards otherwise known as penny-pinchers or kikes

2)Someone with a job that involves money.
Jew:hey i just got upgraded to bank accountant.
Catholic:wow dude your a fucking jew.
by lol1621 December 04, 2009
commonly used to make fun of a person
sorry i cant go my moms being a jew
by wu killa bee March 31, 2009
A greedy swindler.
Bernie Madoff is the epitome of a Jew.
by BigTimeJ April 20, 2011
1) Someone who practices judaism

2) Anyone who acts like a jew (doesn't like to spend money, whines and complains a lot, etc.)

3) The name for any person(s) who is extremely annoying, they think they can do anything, or just make a big deal out of almost nothing
-that guy is such a jew

-dude, stop being such a jew

-I am a jew
by T16Akatsuki June 08, 2009
another form of the word you, when talking to a jew.
RACHEL! What are Jew doing?!

Do jew want to go to the mall?
by choysee! July 10, 2008

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