People who belong to one of the oldest religions in the world. Often discriminated against for things that they've never done (as protrayed in several of these other definitions). Did Jewish people kill Jesus? No, that was the Romans, but there were Jewish people in the act. Fine. But that was people a couple thousand years ago. Not me. Not my family.

We are white, black, asian, hispanic, you name it. It's offensive to call someone a jewbag, a kike, or anything of the sort, no matter what you think. Contrary to popular belief, not all Jewish people have huge noses, curly brown hair, and are really cheap. Guess what kids? There are Jews with blonde hair and blue eyes. Just. Like. You.

In fact, Jewish people are just like you, with the exception of the fact that we do not discriminate against everyone else, we do not believe Jesus is God's son,a nd we have a rabbi, not a priest. 'Nough said.
Yeah, We're Jews. What're you going to do about it?
by You-Dont-Wanna-Know April 07, 2006
Jews are a part of a religion, not a race. they are humans, just like everyone else
Jews have a reputation for being cheap. so? catholics have a reputation of being intolerable. muslims have a reputation of being terrorists. does every member of these religions have these qualities? no! what's with the hate? what did jews do to you? all of the haters need to take a long hard look in the mirror. you aren't perfect. the haters will burn in hell.
by lilshortty October 22, 2008
one of the best reglions on the word. there are christian people,jewish people,asianbuddahist people and muslim people. chsrtian hate for jews is just a way to express jealousy,there are good noraml christians and there are jew-hating chrsitians.the "jew loves money" stereotype or long nose is really WRONG and not even fair,because they dont have a big nose.if they make money,it doesnt make them LOVE the money and not give money for others.
Joei : My friend is jewish and i love her
his bro : give me her picture...oh god she is hot..i wish i knew more jewish girls LIKE her ^_^
by Sabih November 21, 2007
made hollywood and the nba, and although cheap, at least can boast the astonishing amount most of them make, also ridic smart-(einstein, da vinci, and the 25 percent of all nobel prize winners), not to mention great entertainers-(speilberg, kubrik) so keep talking shit, while we just up our resume
Adrien Brody, Jake Gyllenhaal, Adam Brody, James Franco, Dustin Hoffman, Bob Dylan, Adam Sandler, Jerry Seinfeld, Jeremy Piven, Scarlet Johansson, Natalie Portman, Harrison Ford, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, Paul Newman, Ben Stiller, Leonardo Da Vinci, Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, Arnold 'Red' Auerbach, Bill Maher, Sandy Koufax, Albert Einstein are all jews!
by Kenny Weinstein August 31, 2007
A hated ethnic group for no reason. Jesus was a jew and the holy bible was about jews so all the christians who use "jew" as a bad word are hypocrites.

Jew is not a godam race for all you uneducated idiots.
Those darn jews stole my shoes.
by acne March 25, 2008
a religion/ethnic group in which have a reputation of being treated like dirt. people blame the jews even though they brought freedom to the world along with blacks. i think that people have no right to blame the jews when all we did is bring freedom! i have ancestors who were jewish and i get all a+s in science/history/religion/math. mostly religion because i found out religiously that all born catholics have jewish in them. you see, someone jewish came up with this religion and switched to it. before he was born, we all had jewish ancestors. this is true because the religion of catholisisim wasnt thought up yet. so we are all jewish.
i am proud to know that i had ancestors who were jewish. i am proud to have ancestors who brought freedom to the world!
by wikipedia man June 15, 2007
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