A group of people who seem to be the most hated race on the planet, bar none. Additionally, they also seem to be the race hated for the longest period of time (eons, it seems). Chances are, if you can think of a race, they probably hate Jews too. However, it does appear that the vast majority of people who hate Jews are either from Europe or the Middle East.

Reasons for hating this group of people range from greed (Jews are cheap, they are penny pinchers, etc), ugliness (big nose, ugly hair, etc), and evilness (control everything, looks like the Devil, etc).

The above list ranges from the time to time, but the general traits that makes the list are usually greed and evilness. Oh, and also arrogance. In case you're wondering, certain groups of people believes the Jews are arrogant for believing they're "God's Chosen People", "God's Ancient People", or however you want to say it.

However, ultimately, there is only one thing I can say about all of this: I don't give a damn either way. If you want to hate the Jews, fine. If you don't want to hate the Jews, that's also fine. I don't hate Jews myself but that's because I don't care at all.
1) Wow, everybody in the Middle East hates the Jews!

2) Wow, everybody in Europe hates the Jews!

3) Wow, even the damn United Nations hate the Jews!

4) For the sake of convenience, lets just say everybody in the world hate the Jews.

5) It's a good thing I don't care or else my conscience might be bothered.
by BusinessMan August 15, 2006
Something you blame something.
1) "Ow. I just stubbed my toe. The Jews must be behind this."

2) "My microwave toaster oven just broke, it must have been the Jews."

3) "My dog just died, this must be the work of the Jews."

4) "I just got my license suspended, the Jews are behind this."

5) "I wet my bed, this is because of the Jews."

6) "My hard drive froze because of the Jews."

7) "I almost drowned in a swimming pool, this is the Jews' doing."

8) "I was 15 minutes late to work because of the Jewish religion."

9) "I'm allergic to cats due to there being Jews."

10) I didn't shower today and now I smell because of the Jews.
by The Rapping Rabbi July 19, 2009
Like Christians, but without all that Jesus stuff
"So is their family excited for Christmas?"
"Dude they're Jews"
by Codohu March 08, 2008
Can be used as an insulting term for a person who is 1) stingy, 2) scheming, 3) fanatical, or 4) insists on using past injustices to justify special treatment.

In also the term that refers to a proud and noble group of people with rich traditions.
1) Quit being such a jew and spring a few bucks on your girlfriend

2) Shylock was such a Jew

3) You're getting really Jewish about this new cause of yours

4) Quit being such a jew and stop expecting us to be nice to you because your girlfriend broke up with you 2 months ago
by Jon Orion May 28, 2006
one who practices the world's oldest monotheistic religion
Jesus was a Jew, douche
by shooter August 03, 2005
The so called chosen people. But actually every race claims at one point or another to be God's chosen people, the Jews where just the first to call dibs on the name by writing it down.
Tim: Hi there I'm Jewish
Fritz the German: Oh, sorry, here's twenty bucks
Iranian: Don't be sorry that whole thing never happened
Mel Gibson's dad: He's right you know
by Collinf December 20, 2006
A religious person or persons that can easily be mistaken for juice when said out loud.
Person one: Would you like some juice?
Person two: Jews!?
Person one: No, no! Juice!
Person two: Oh, thank god. You had me worried there.
by Yazamin November 26, 2009
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