The word jew originates from the evil betrayer that was named judas.

He formed a secret cult named isreal to take down the evil tyrant, Jesus K. Rist. The tyrant had conqured many villages in his age with Judas by his side as his general. But one day jesus was lk tottaly rippin the piss outa judas misses goin off wiv jam so lk judas went a-wall n smackted jesus and jesus was lk, wow wow i dont think that was nessery.

so judas got banished and was tottaly pissed so he grassed on jesus to the sissy romans coz they laffed at him.

so judas decided 2 take matter 2 his own hands and formed his new isrealian cult, and started to plot against jesus. throught plannin, many of the isrealians wanted 2 order some pizzas and strippers n shit lk ini but judas was allways lk, fuk that we need 2 save our money. so all the boys nicknamed him judas the cheap bstrd
which is jew for short

and thats the origin of the word jew.

Judas did go on with his plans against the evil tyrant that was jesus. but failed misserbaly, fortunatly though jesus caught aids n died while cryin lk a school boy bitch and all the sissy romans laughed at him while ceaser raped him. and they all lived appily eva after....

cept judas couz hes a fwkin jew
Cheap Jewish Basrerd,
Hey this guy wont give me alf price, hes such a fwkin jew

I dont want your fwkin bagles you jew.
by Mr. alf an inch April 19, 2008
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1. Someone who practices Judaism.

2. Derogatory term for someone tight with their money or someone not very generous.
1. Kyle from southpark is a Jew

2. You jewish bastard, lend me a cig!!
by matt November 13, 2003
A group of people comprising 0.002% of the world's population yet drawing unproportional amount of media coverage (especially Israeli Jews).
The world is obsessed with Jews. Therefore, the world should get a life.
by sdhgdhdtjhdfjnmfdyjfry November 22, 2006
The only people in the world that are simultaneously hated by both the extreme Left and the extreme Right.

Synonym: scapegoat
"The Jews killed Jesus!"

"The Jews control Hollywood!"

"The Jews caused 9/11!"

"The Jews oppress the Palestinians!"

"The Jews ran over my poodle!"
by Harvey Mama March 03, 2005
A person of the jewish faith.
by Rabbi Dude November 04, 2003
A southern bastardization and contraction of the two words "did you".
Jack: "Hey Steve, jew fuck Stacy last night?"

Steve: "No, jew?"

Jack: "No."
by Carl Pickens March 20, 2007
Let's Clear up some of the Misconceptions in these postings.

A Jew is a person who's mother is Jewish. (Some streams of Judaism argue that Jewish patrimony can be acquired through the father as well).
Jews are not a race but an eclectic mix of different races, nationalities, and cultures; they are a truly multi-cultural and multi-ethnic people. However, within this mix, there are distinct ethnic groups such as the Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jews that make up the overwhelming majority of the Jewish People.
Most American Jews are of Ashkenazic origin -- usually originating from Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union. Therefore, American Jews could largely be classified as an ethnic group, hence the characteristic stereotypes, although there are exceptions.
A Jew is not a person who practices Judaism, although most Jews do adhere to some form of Jewish practice or cultural tradition.
A Jew is not an Israeli and an Israeli is not a Jew. An Israeli is a citizen of the state of Israel. While most Israeli's are Jewish, there are also non-Jewish citizens of Israel.
A Jew is not automatically a citizen of the state of Israel. A Jew must apply for and be granted citizenship to the state just like everyone else, although most are awarded citizenship rather easily.
Larry King's parents were Ashkenazic Jews. Therefore, regardless of whether Larry King practices Judaism or not, Larry King is an Ashkenazic Jew.
Larry King is not an Israeli citizen.

by NAteshot March 05, 2006
1) someone who practises judaism

2) is also a culture/ethnicity, that is to say it has a certain sense of humour, certain type of food and music etc.

3) A person who Mel Gibson talks smack about after he has had too much to drink.
"Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world."
by Clubned August 02, 2006
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