A large boat of a car (Old Cadillac, Lincoln, etc.)
My grandma drove her Jew Canoe into a parked Civic. It ripped through it and she kept going to her bingo game.
by Dave Kike March 07, 2007
A plane full of Jews usually flying from South Florida to Long Island, NY. Passengers tend to be extremely confrontational until the flight crew sets their shit straight.

If your a flight attendant, its a long-ass flight!
So I worked the Jew Canoe today and almost had shove my size 12's up some jerks cornhole because they wanted 14 cans of soda, they whole box of cheese crackers, and anything else on the plane that is free.
by Your friendly flight crew January 19, 2010
A Cadillac. Specifically, a Cadillac Sedan DeVille or Fleetwood. (urban slang, circa 1960s & '70s)

See also: Jewish jeep
"I saw Hymie and the boys cadillacking over to Roswell in his new Jew canoe."
by Sloe Pimp December 04, 2007
A Cadillac with New York or New Jersey plates.
Look at those assholes in the jew canoe! They almost ran me over on the way to the synagogue!
by Kevin Not-a-Jew January 08, 2007
a minivan commonly driven by jews with thier 4 - 6 kids.
the jew canoe cut me off!!

look at the jew canoe full of curly jews.
by smh@u August 08, 2007
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