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a bat that hibernates in the nose of a jew during winter
by deshante kang August 06, 2008
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the act or state of being really stoned, and not offering any munchies to friends; usually while sitting on the couch watching the discovery channel in hi-def.

Being stingy with resources for other pot heads in getting their munch or smoke on.
Clifton is being a jewbat, and won't move feed me.

Clifton is a jewbat at the headshop.
by eeeeek August 17, 2009
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to engage in the act of shoving a dr pepper (or similar) soda can up the ass of an elk or other horned creature;
Gary and I are going to Jewbat some fucking Deer tonight
by Hypter April 09, 2008
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A poke'mon of Jewish descent, normaly a form on the Poke'mon Zubat but instead of Zu you place Jew.
1. "Dude I caught a level 12 Jewbat!!! He already has the attacks 'Kill Jesus' and 'Piss Everyone Of'!!"
2. FakeDux
by Grizzey April 24, 2008
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