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A motorcycle styled personal watercraft built by AquaJet Corporation, although no longer being manufactured.
The Jetbike features dual-steering and high draft design for true motorcycle like handling.

Most commonly, however, jetbike is misused to describe personal watercraft of the water-jet propulsion type.
Do you have a seadoo, jet ski, or jetbike?
by Devick September 12, 2009
Jetbike is a term commonly used by the media and other clueless people to describe the sit-down variety of Personal Watercraft. To my knowledge there is actually no such thing as a jetbike - unless you consider a motorbike with a jet engine attached to it?

Jetski is another term used but is normally acceptable given that this is a brand of Personal Watercraft made by Kawasaki.

Other brands include Waverunner (Yamaha) and Seadoo (Bombardier).
"Jetbikes are dangerous and the use of such machines should be avoided, especially when on holiday"

Examples of other nonsense media terms include (but are not limited to) jetscooter, waterbike, water scooter and sea scooter.
by John999 July 27, 2007

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