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quiet and soft spoken,cares too much about stupid stuff,usualy is very flirty,short
by jcprice1 February 24, 2010
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Jesyka, normally her birth name would be 'Jessica' but changes it because she doesn't like herself, and wishes to change anything she can. She's a very sad girl, she's seen and felt things you could never understand, ever in your life time. She really is a strong girl, she is still able to smile, but if left alone, everything will hit her, she'll become sadder and sadder, she'll reach out to talk to someone via call, email or text. This will make her seem clingey when really, she just needs someone, anyone, to talk to before it's too late. She's a very beautiful girl, when given the chance she'll be the kindest, funniest person you'll ever meet. She's very caring even though at times it seems like she doesn't care at all. Most Jesykas have Daddy issues, so when she finds a guy she believes cares, that's all she'll want, is that guys love, he needs to be there for her and not give up or she will most likely kill herself, she will stuff up at one point or another but after that she'll be nothing but perfect. Leave her & you're leaving her to die. But, she must only get up to one retry of your relationship because if she stuffs up again she will continue to do so. She's not a jealous girl, not as jealous as others, she's creative, she loves to draw, she longs for her family, for love and support. She's smart, very smart, but has been lead to believe she is stupid. All she needs is the one person she wants the most to not give up on her, or she'll give up on herself.
For example

That Jesyka and her ex boyfriend never got back together, she ended up hanging herself, I guess that was the last straw, poor girl finally had love, then he walked away, now she's dead. All he needed to do was give her a second chance.

Example 2

That boy gave Jesyka a second chance now they're happier then ever!I guess they talked it through! They've never been so strong'
by jerrymay3 March 19, 2013
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Beautiful, to smart for her own good, stuborn to the core, has a cute laugh and loves her family! with blue eyes and blond hair how could you not love this angel?
by kdbug November 30, 2011
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