A term used to signify that something has gone well, often in a case where a lucky turn of events has gone in your favour.
Person 1: "Shit, I got in to a car accident today, but the person I hit was a hot chick and I ended up railing her"
Person 2: "Holy shit, Jesus walks"
by Teeth September 10, 2004
A song by Kanye West. Also a dance created by Kanye West while performing the song on stage at a concert.
1. "Jesus Walks" is a good song

2. Look at that dude on the dancefloor! He's bustin' out the Jesus Walks!
by DJHill August 24, 2004
a long journey that can only be done by walking
bloke1: "sup man I had to do a jesus walk from seven sisters to ponders end"

bloke2: "raaah thats a propa jesus walk"
by slim keeno July 04, 2005
A really long walk, like the kind people in Jesus' times had to make because they didn't have Hondas yet.
Steve: "Man I was just going to the corner store but I decided to keep walking and was out for 2 hours!"
Jim: "Damn, quite a jesuswalk there!"
by tropez December 03, 2010
a person who wears beat up, dirty sandals, open toed and with no sox on.
damn son, look at him with those jesus walks on.
by 411 November 07, 2004
a wierdo song written by Kanye West
that queer song "Jesus Walks" scares the hell outta me
by Screw u bitch August 12, 2004

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